Evil God Bishop, Gastille (D-PV01/257EN) [D-PV01: History Collection]

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Rarity: Common
Set Name: D-PV01: History Collection
Card Number: D-PV01/257EN
Release Date: 2023-08-11
Unit: Normal
Grade: 3
Skill Icon: Twin Drive
Nation: Dark Zone
Race: Demon
Clan: Dark Irregulars
Power: 12000
Shield: 0
Critical: 1
Flavor Text: The blessings of the void plunders hope and silences the world.
[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your battle phase, [COST][Counter-Blast 1], draw a card, and your opponent chooses one of the following effects for every five cards in your soul. You perform the chosen effects in any order. •All of your front row units get [Critical] +1 until end of turn. •Increase or decrease one of your opponent's vanguard's [Power] to 1 until end of turn. •All of your opponent's [AUTO] abilities do not activate until end of turn. •Your opponent chooses a card from their hand, and puts it into their damage zone face down.

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