Dragon Knight, Jannat (D-PV01/035EN) [D-PV01: History Collection]

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Rarity: Double Rare
Set Name: D-PV01: History Collection
Card Number: D-PV01/035EN
Release Date: 2023-08-11
Unit: Trigger
Grade: 0
Skill Icon: Boost
Nation: Dragon Empire
Race: Human
Clan: Kagero
Power: 4000
Shield: 15000
Critical: 1
Flavor Text: This is the empire of the dragons. To live, is to fight.
Trigger: Critical
[AUTO](RC):When your grade 3 or greater vanguard with "Dragonic Blademaster" in its card name attacks, [COST][put this unit into soul], draw a card, choose one of your vanguards, and it gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle. [AUTO]:When this card is revealed for a damage check, draw a card.

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